Learning Spanish in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to approach a universal language that is spoken by more than 495 million people throughout the world. You will also discover a country with a vast cultural and artistic heritage, a country of endless traditions and with boundless vitality which is guaranteed to fascinate you from the very start. Every year thousands of people come to Spain, the cradle of the Spanish language, to learn the language or to improve their level. There are numerous different options: first-rate Spanish courses adapted to all requirements, university and post-graduate studies, paid work experience, living with families as an au-pair, and even working. All you have to do is choose which suits you.

One of the best ways of studying and improving your level of Spanish is to attend one of the prestigious first-rate Spanish courses offered in Spain and adapted to all different levels. The duration of the courses also varies, from one-month intensive courses to others that last the whole academic year. However you choose to study, you learn the language along with other students and Spanish teachers and you will learn more about a country with a spectacular artistic and historical heritage, simultaneously steeped in tradition and yet modern and vibrant. Live alongside its people, share their customs and make the most of everything Spain has to offer.

For further information visit the new portal «Study in Spain» powered by the Instituto Cervantes.